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Coal Creek Iron Works Inc. (CCIW) has demonstrated the ability to successfully work on a wide variety of projects since the company was established in 2005. These projects have generated valuable experience to go along with the training, craftsmanship, tools and equipment that CCIW has to offer. It is a combination of these things that has created a unique flexibility for CCIW to work for different types of industries including residential, commercial, industrial, marine, educational and government.

CCIW is committed to being dependable and performing work safely. CCIW is focused on continuing to build personal relationships with our present and future clients.

Guardrails and Handrails

Most of the CCIW guardrail and handrail projects are turn-key type projects. For these types of projects, CCIW provides a proposal with a scope of work and quote that includes all materials, fabrication and installation services. However, proposals and quotes can also be provided for items and services based on the client’s needs.

CCIW fabricates and installs many types of guardrails and handrails. Most of the railings are either decorative railings at private residences or commercial/industrial type railings at businesses and schools. CCIW installs railings as both fixed and removable as well as on flat and sloped surfaces. Railings can be installed with connections to steel, concrete and wood structures. For connections of railing into existing concrete or masonry, CCIW has the equipment to core drill holes for grouting in the main posts.

Railings are mostly made of steel, but some are fabricated with full aluminum construction. Also, some residential projects have incorporated decorative wood into the steel railing.

Railings can be finished with standard primer and paint, or powder coating or galvanizing for a longer lasting weather resistant finish.

All railings are fabricated to meet OSHA requirements for height, openings and strength.

Schematic and detailed shop drawings of the railings can be provided for client, engineer and/or architect review and approval.

Stairs, Ladders and Platforms

Most of these projects are also turn-key type projects. The stairs are typically fabricated with steel channel or tube stringers with grating, checkered plate or pan type treads. The stairs can be attached and supported by existing structures or designed as a self-supported stair structure. Ladders are designed and fabricated based on the required height. Due to OSHA requirements, safety cages and resting platforms may be required. Platforms are designed and fabricated based on client requirements. The walking surface on the platforms is usually steel grating, but can also be checkered plate or concrete.

Materials can be finished with standard primer and paint, or powder coating or galvanizing for a longer lasting weather resistant finish.

All stairs, ladders and platforms are designed and fabricated to meet OSHA and client requirements.

Schematic and detailed shop drawings (using AutoCAD software) of the fabricated items can be provided for client, engineer and/or architect review and approval.

Decorative Wrought Iron Gates, Fences and Signs

CCIW has had the opportunity to design, fabricate and install decorative gates, fences and signs for both residential and commercial clients. These projects can be some of the more challenging and rewarding projects due to the craftsmanship and attention to detail required for a showcase quality, final product. These projects are usually turn-key type projects.

Gates can be many different sizes and have a variety of opening arrangements. Decorative features are usually incorporated into the design of the gates. Also, solid lettering can be incorporated into the gate.

Decorative fences can be of all sizes and heights. Decorative features (finials, scrolls, etc.) are usually incorporated into the design based on the client’s preference.

Signs and other lettering can be incorporated into gates and fences. They can also be stand-alone structures. Lettering for the signs are precision cut from solid plate steel to match the font type and size based on the client’s preference.

Most of the finishes for these products are powder coated for a durable finish.

CCIW can provide schematic sketches and drawings for review and approval prior to beginning fabrication.

Welding Services

CCIW can provide both shop and field welding services. CCIW has a fully equipped mobile welding trailer that can accomplish almost any steel or aluminum field welding job. The welding trailer allows CCIW to provide quick and timely response to critical welding and steel fabrication needs. The welders for CCIW have American Welding Society (AWS) certifications.

CCIW also has experience in shop and on-site welding repair of heavy equipment including dump truck beds, dozer blades, excavator buckets, etc.

Coal Creek Iron Works

Coal Creek Iron Works is committed to providing quality craftsmanship with safe and dependable service for all our projects and products.

Coal Creek Iron Works

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